We talked about the differences regarding our school life.
Compared to German students girls aren’t allowed to wear make-up and style their hair in China and boys aren’t allowed to have long hair. Having school uniforms, they also are not allowed to dress individually.
The Chinese students live at their school so they don’t have to take a bus or a train to get to school. Since the Chinese school is outside the city, the students visit their family only on the weekends and live in dorms during the week.
Unlike the German students, the Chinese have to be in their class at 7 am to prepare for the first lesson and to study, which also starts  at 8 am. After every lesson there’s a 10-minute break at Qingdao Experimental School, which is used to change rooms or to talk with friends. The breaks at Are-Gymnasium vary between 5 and 15 minutes. After the second  lesson in the afternoon  the Chinese students do eye exercises to keep focused.
Chinese students aren’t allowed to speak in class at all and there’s no pair work like in Germany. The rules are stricter and mobile phones are only allowed at the weekends.
Both Chinese and German students have got a 45-minute lunch break, which they spend in their cafeteria / restaurant.
Chinese students have got less free time, on average one hour of spare time per day, in which they can do what they want because they have school from 7 am – 9.50 pm. Their homework must be done from 6 pm – 9.50 pm and they must be in their room and go to bed at 10.30 pm. The students in China are also not allowed to have boy-or girlfriends since it could distract them and something bad could happen.
We came to the conclusion that school in China uses up more time and life at school is more strictly regulated than in Germany.

Text written by Livia, Rebecca G., Gu Yuxin

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