In our group we talked about the similarities and differences regarding the expectations of our future.

At the moment we all attend high school and want to pass the examinations to be able to go to college.

Once we have achieved this we want to study abroad to improve our intercultural awareness and learn things which could be important for life. It is also a dream of our group to maybe work as a diplomat because you can work in other countries and learn more about different cultures. Other fields of study we are interested in are law, medicine and business.

One of the most common interests is it  to travel around the world, seeing things you have never seen before, meeting new interesting people with their own stories. Contact between the different countries will be more important because of globalization.

There are other important aspects in life like founding a family. When it comes on this topic we think that 30 would be a good age of marriage.

The one-child policy was abolished in 2015. So it is the wish of the Chinese members of our group to have more than just one child. Kangqi wants to have a family while he is making  a career. Philip and Alexander first want to make a career and will think about founding a family later.

Another big point about the future is the digitalisation. Because the internet has become more and more important to us, we can’t live without it.

Text written by Philip, Alexander, Yuan Kangqi, Julius and Jia Zihao

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