It is very common for the Chinese students from Qingdao to live in apartments with their parents. In contrast to that the German students from Are-Gymnasium mostly live in houses. While most students of the Chinese group are only-children, most students of the German group have one or even more siblings. It is very rare for Chinese familys to have more than one child because of the One-Child-Policy so it is really new for them to live with so many people and especially children in one house. Chinese children barely have to do housework or at least less than the German children.
We found some similarities, too.  For example, the relationship with the grandparents. According to a text we read many people think Chinese families live together with the grandparents, aunts and uncles in one apartment or they are direct neighbours. In the case of our group this isn’t true. The grandparents sometimes even live far away.
Another aspect we discussed was the role of pets in families. Chinese as well as German children have pets and in some caes these pets are almost considered family members.
Text written by Maren, Maja, Zhu Xiao Yuan, Amelie G. Telsa and Zhang Jiahe


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